How Do We Know Allah???!!!

1-  Reason and Science
2-  How Do We Know Allah In Logic?!
3-  How Do We Know Allah Rationally& Knowledgeably?!
4-  Is Muhammed the prophet of Allah?!

1-  Reason and Science

We are living now the 21st century. After science prospered, knowledge spread, and humans knew many things about the universe in which they are living, humans also knew that it’s a vast and great universe in all its contents in a regular way. Everything in this universe shows that it has a mighty creative creator, but some people insist and deny looking at Allah’s creations and His extraordinary creatures without any thinking or contemplation and denying the existence of Allah although this denial, in fact, is an approval of His existence.

FIRST: Because the thing that does not exist, it doesn’t need denial or disapproval. For instance, if we were living the age of Alexander the Great, Khalid Ben El Walid or Napoleon Bonaparte, it wouldn’t have been logical or rational for anyone of those to deny the existence of atomic weapons among his army or even deny possession of a a mobile phone…. Why? Because all these things didn’t exist to their time and this fact cannot be denied, so anyone who denies or disapproves the existence of Allah is actually approving his existence.

SECOND: The existence of anything precedes its name. No one among Alexander the Great, Khalid Ben El Walid or Napoleon Bonaparte was knowing anything about mobile phones or any of there contemporary names because these things, at their times, hadn’t been invented yet. After the invention of destructive weapons that were called “atomic weapons”, the device which detects remote objects “the radar”, shells that are fired into distant areas “the rockets” and mobile phones, the existence of these things precedes their names and so is Allah’s name which is found in all languages because Allah exists before humans exist.

Thus, humanity knows Allah by true instinct. If the name of Allah is mentioned, this will refer to the creator of earth and skies. Humanity didn’t witness anything bearing the name of “Allah” on anything among the worshipped in their beliefs and they gave the worshipped things their ordinary names such as

the sun, fire and cattle, etc. Sometimes, they called them other names such as “Sawa’a, Yaouk, Wad, Allat, Alo’za, Manah the third, etc.

Anybody of those who claimed divinity (even among the newborn) or called themselves “gods” couldn’t be known except by the names they were known by when they were born till death. Moreover, nobody of those who deny Allah’s existence dared to give any of his children by the name of Allah and this is a proof of Allah’s mightiness and glory.

There are many evidences of Allah’s existence such as:

1-   The evidence of creations (Cosmic Evidence)

-         Possibilities must have a unifier that must exist. In other words, all existing thing must refer to their creator and this means that all stars, planets, moons and everything that exists must have an eternal creator which is Allah, the Almighty.

-         All moving things must have a “mover” that shall not be moved. The earth move around itself, the sun and all stars of the galaxy turn around a certain point in the galaxy, so who is able to move this enormous, organized and ordered cosmos? It’s Allah, the Almighty and the only one who is able to do anything.

Some people may think that the car driver is the one who moves it and so is the plane captain or ship captain, but the fact is that the task of anyone of them is only restricted to operate engines and steer directions according certain regulations by pressing or switching buttons, joysticks, etc in the management cabinet. In addition, all types of engines cannot be operated or move according to the will of the one who operates them, instead, they move according to laws set by Allah and discovered by science and this means that engines are operated only by Allah’s will. The simple example is that all animal creatures have a pulsing heart, so who made these hearts always active? It’s Allah. The electrons inside an atom move continuously inside all creatures and this means that the

whole universe is in a continuous movement, so who is moving this enormous universe? It’s Allah, the only one who is able to do everything.

2-   The Objective or Purpose Evidence

The system of the universe shows will, wisdom and purpose and not by coincidence. It’s not a coincidence or a futility when the earth turns around itself and the sun for day and night to appear and four seasons to sequence. It’s not a coincidence or a futility when the heart pumps blood to lungs to get rid of CO2 and saturate with O2. It’s not a coincidence or a futility when the heart sends the predigested food and O2 to all parts of the body.It’s not a coincidence or a futility when both males and females integrate for reproduction in humans, animals and plants for life to continue on earth.It’s not a coincidence or a futility when the electrons are organized in orbits around the nucleus without hitting each other.

All of these previous things happene by Allah’s will, not humans.

By whose will the universe is organized including its stars and galaxies? It’s not a will of a human. It’s Allah’s will. This means that the universal system is made by Allah’s will and wisdom.

These previous evidences made the fact clearer, but the more the fact is clearer, the more deniers of Allah’s existence appear, and create new tricks in order to take people away from the right belief and they said that all universal system is nothing but a coincidence!!!! And what a coincidence!!!!!

What a coincidence!!!!!

In order to know how correct this miraculous coincidence is, let’s see the simplest things.


1.     It’s consisting of a small tube that stores ink and ends with the metal tip.

2.     A casing around this tube.

3.     A pen cover.

All of these previous contents are inanimate, so is it logical for these things to assemble without man’s interference in a coincidence to form the pen???!!! And if we presumably assume that they assemble in a coincidence, can this coincidence be repeated in other models of pens??!!


When there is a box in a printing house containing letters of printing, if we emptied letters inside the box on a desk, can letters be distributed and ordered by themselves in a coincidence???!!!

Can we say that letters of every word gathered to form the needed word in a coincidence???!!

Can we say that a group of words gathered in a coincidence to form the needed word??!

Can we say that a group of sentences gathered in a coincidence to form the needed paragraph??!

Can we say that a group of paragraphs gathered in a coincidence to form the needed subject??!

There may be a word or two. Those two words may be completely unrelated to the subject, but it’s impossible for letters to be organized and ordered in a mere coincidence.


If a type of medicine is consisting of three components A, B and C in a certain ratio. If there are three bottles and each one contains one of these three components, the three bottles were shaken and each component is spilled from each bottle and combined together, can be the resulting compound having the same component of the medicine???!!


If we put radio component of a radio device in a closed room for a certain unspecified period, will we find that each part of these components taking its , so can correct place in a coincidence and the device became usable???!!

If coincidence is impossible in the simplest things, such as forming a pen, a book subject, etc. Can it be believable that the whole universe, that contains a lot of moons, stars and galaxies, also is constructed by a mere coincidence? In fact, coincidence didn’t play any role in forming simple things so does it play a role in forming more complex phenomena such as earth formation?

       Does coincidence determine the distance between the sun and earth for temperature to be suitable for life??!!

        Does coincidence motivate it to move around itself and around the sun to form day and night??!!

        Does coincidence determine the distance between the moon and earth because if it approaches this will increase tides and seawater would have flooded on beaches?

        Does coincidence determine the area of the land to water in ¾ to cool the weather in all seasons???

        Does coincidence make water of seas and oceans salty? Because if it was not salty rot and illness will increase.

        Does coincidence determine this vast area of oceans and seas to increase evaporation and rain???

        Did coincidence determine the size of earth?? Because if this size is smaller than it is now, gravity increases and the earth would be unable to maintain its atmosphere and hydrosphere

        Did coincidence determine the thickness of atmosphere?? Because if it is smaller, meteors will reach the earth and cause many fires.

        Did coincidence form the Ozone layer to prevent harmful emissions from reaching the earth?

        Did coincidence create the earth from nothingness??!!!

If reason believed any single coincidence of these, is it believable for these coincidences to occur in a single thing?? Can they continue since the formation of earth till the end of days?? It’s not a coincidence then. It’s the ability of Allah, the Almighty, the creator and the inventor.

Did life appear on earth by coincidence?

The living cell is the forming unit for all living creatures, animals or plants. Modern science managed to identify constituting elements of living cell and the ratio of each element, but did cells form in a coincidence??!!! Components of living cells are inanimate that don’t think reason or operate so were they able to create themselves by themselves??!! Can they be the creator and the created??!!Scientists were unable to formulate a single cell out of its components. They were unable to form a single blood cell, so can this be in a coincidence??!! Allah is the true creator. Coincidence doesn’t have a role in the formation of any living cell, so does it have a role in forming plants and animals?


Did coincidence collect roots of plants …. And taught them how to absorb water and food elements??!!

Did coincidence collect all roots of plants …. And assigned them to move towards gravity and water??!!

Did coincidence collect all roots of plants …. And taught them the quality of optional penetration in order for the root to absorb what it needs and expel what it doesn’t need??!!

Did coincidence collect all stems of plants …. And taught them that water rises inside capillary tubes??!!

Did coincidence collectall stems of plants …. And taught them how to form wood and bark cells??!!

Did coincidence collect all leaves of plants …. And taught them the necessity of exposure to light and air??!!

Did coincidence collect all leaves of plants …. And taught them that breathing I necessary for all living creatures???

Did coincidence collect all leaves of plants …. And taught them how to get CO2 to be used in photosynthesis???

Did coincidence collect all leaves of plants …. And trained them how to form all kinds of food???  

Did coincidence determine roots, stems, leaves and fruits for each plant to be distinguished from other plants??

It’s not a coincidence. It’s Allah’s will, ability, wisdom and creativity.



Is it coincidence that assembled the cornea, the retina the glassy body and all components of the eye and assigned them to form it?!

Is it coincidence that assembled the hammer, the eardrum, the stapes and the cochlea together to  form the ear?!

Is it coincidence that combined lever, stomach, intestine and pancreas and assigned them to form the digestive system?!

Is it coincidence that taught the pancreas how to formulate the insulin hormone that organizes sugar in blood?!

Is it coincidence that combined parts of the heart and the related veins and arteries to work as a blood pump?!

Is it coincidence that combined the throat, the trachea and lungs to form the respiratory system?

Is it coincidence that taught lungs how to absorb O2 and expel CO2?!

Is it coincidence that taught kidneys how to get rid of extra water and harmful salts?!

Is it coincidence that taught the nervous system how to control organs of the body?!

It’s not a coincidence. It’s Allah’s will, wisdom and creativity.


        Is it coincidence that taught bees how to manufacture honey, wax and taught the working bee how to make food?!

        Is it coincidence that taught ants how to store seeds and divide them into two in order not to be planted?! Because if it is sprouted, it would have destroyed ant homes, but coriander seeds are divided into four parts because a single half of them can be planted

        Is it coincidence that taught bats how to use speed of sound to calculate the distance between them and hard objects in order not to hit them?!

        Is it coincidence that taught eels to move to Bermuda Islands to breed and teach their offspring how to return to rivers from which their mothers came?!

        Is it coincidence that taught mosquitoes how to lay many bags for their eggs to help them float on water?!

It’s not a coincidence. It’s Allah’s will, wisdom and creativity. He is the creator, the guide and the most knower.

The sun is one of the smallest known stars. It is like a massive nuclear reactor. If the sun was formed in a coincidence, we would have found other nuclear reactors formed in a coincidence too!!!!

Did human beings find or watch a nuclear reactor formed in a coincidence???!!! A few of the elite atomic scientists, after intense efforts and expensive costs, managed to make these reactions that led to the invention of the atomic bomb in 1945. It is known that the existence of the sun was before the existence of man

by millions of years, so has coincidence preceded the elite atomic scientists in carrying out nuclear reactions inside the sun?

The whole humanity is unable to construct a nuclear reactor in the size of earth. Is it reasonable for coincidence to form the sun although the size of the sun equals 1.300.000 times of the size of earth?

If the universe, including its countless massive galaxies, stars, planets and moons and creatures, is formed by coincidence we would have found houses, schools, factories institutions, cars, trains, planes and electronic devices formed in front of us in coincidence too!!! But this doesn’t happen.

If this massive and organized universe, with all its components, is formed by coincidence, man would have got rid of his mind as there is no need to think, work or reason because the whole universe would have been emerged by coincidence which only thinks and works!!!

Coincidence is found in our lives when be two people meet unexpectedly, people may find something by coincidence and man might do an experiment to result in another thing by coincidence unexpectedly. Brain cannot believe that coincidence creates anything from nothing because the true creator is Allah the Almighty.

Is the universe eternal??

Those who deny Allah’s existence, after they made sure that the formation of universe in by a mere coincidence, they created a witty trick and thought that it cannot be discovered and said that the universe, with all its components, is eternal!!! But soon after that this trick was refuted and falsified as it was scientifically proven that the universe is not eternal because if it was so, temperature would have been run out because it emits temperature and cannot be cooled in order for life to continue. Thus, there must be a creator of this universe which is Allah. There also must be a beginning of the universe, and each beginning has a starter which is Allah, the creator. Everything that doesn’t

have a beginning, it has to have an end because it is based on change. For instance, the sun has a beginning, but it loses a part of its mass in every second in the reactions resulted in heat and light and if its mass disappeared, its temperature would have disappeared too and life would have ended. Accordingly, each beginning must have an end, each thing that doesn’t have a beginning doesn’t have an end except for Allah who is the only beginning, the only end.


2-How Do We Know Allah In Logic?!

There is a lot of religions that differed and views that varied …… Many people worshiped what their parents were worshipping …. They did not search within their religion! Are they right? Or it’s just mere parent obedience? Or they might have been controlled by their desires as some worshipped Allah (God), some worshipped other names as equal with Allah, some worshipped idols of bare stone, some worshipped the sun and stars which are inanimate that can hear their prayers, some worshipped cows and the calf which are animals slaughtered for food, some worshipped a Pharaoh (Fera’un) but he died drowning in sea water, some worshipped Jesus (Al Messiah) who was a fatherless prophet such as Adam, the first of prophets. No worries, bee males are fatherless according to Allah’s will, others worshipped Budda, and some worshipped Al Bahaa….. We may later find someone who says that he is a God like them. All of us are sons of Eve ….. I wonder.. Are you all Gods?!! Did Adam know anyone of them???!! And how could you know if you were just nothingness!!!! Real God was that who Adam worshipped….Real God is the one who created earth and sky.

We may later find someone who says that he is a God……we are all sons of Eve. Is there any God whose mother feels pain in bearing him?!!! Or being breastfed by his mother…. A God born by Eve??!!!!! Eve bears a God who created her, generations before her, the earth and the sky, a God who has a mother!!!!? Why a prophet, human or angel, was not sent from heaven as a God without a mother????!!! Why didn’t Gods sent from heaven into the earth???

They took humans as Gods!!!!!!.......Is it logical that God has a son living on earth and do did not ascend to heaven??!!....... Does God have a son living on earth and is suffering like all normal humans??!!If God had a son, he wouldn’t have defeated by enemies!!If God had a son, he wouldn’t have been

tortured…..Is it logical to torture his son without committing sins while God is the most merciful??!!

If God has a son, he wouldn’t have been a human, or an angel descending from heaven. If God has a son, he would have made him distinct from other creations and rose him above all as Allah selects whatever he wants, but he is impeccably unique from characteristics of his creations as they marry and have children, but Allah did not have a spouse or a son, and he sees all creations are equal.

They said that God can be embodied in humans……`Does a God live in a room!!?? Allah’s throne cannot be maintained by neither a land or a sky……Does a God live in a room, and people in the farthest places on earth cannot be heard!!!? Does a God live in a room in order not to know what people are doing in secret???!!! Could Allah, who is unique for humans, be born and bloods flew in his veins!!!??? Could Allah, who is unique for humans, die!!!?

There are many messengers who were not believed by their people and were told that they are humans like their people and they need a God descending from heaven, so why many people believe in a human God and not believe in Allah, the Almighty, the God who is above the skies???!!!Is it logical for a creature to worship another creature??!!Is it the logic of rationalists???!!!

They said that Allah cannot be embodied in a human, is it logical when a God leaves his throne and descends to earth, the land of suffering, among humans??!! They also said that Allah is embodied in a human to sacrifice himself and sacrifice sins of Adam’s offspring!!Is this a God’s justice?? To punish a life with what others commit and sacrifice it!!Each soul has to be judged for what it committed, this is fair and this is the divinely justice. If God was a human, he would have forgiven Adam’s sins, and Allah is merciful and forgives whoever he wants. If God was a human, he would have forgiven Adam and stilled in his mighty place in divine.

Can power and dignity be represented in weak humans?!

Can a God be represented in a weak human being who was unable to free himself from hands of enemies?!

Can a God be the savior of all humanity and he wasn’t able to forgive Adam or free himself?!

If God is a human who has heavenly power, so why didn’t he manipulate and control people matters the way he wants?!

If God is a human who has heavenly power, so why did he live as a helpless fetus inside bowels?!

If God is a human who has heavenly power, so why didn’t he descend as a mature human like Adam & Eve?!

If God is a human who has heavenly power, why were there countless generations after Adam?!

Why didn’t he descend with Adam & Eve to grant his forgiveness to all humankind?!  But he was followed by countless generations who didn’t have hope in his forgiveness!

All those who preceded him didn’t hear about him…they didn’t believe in him and amongst them there were prophets and messengers.

Is there a God who imposes justice among his creations?! So forgiveness goes to those who believe in him and all those who preceded were losers!

But Allah, the righteousness, His mercy maintained everything and forgiven Adam and his forgiveness door is open for eternity.

They also said that Allah is embodied in cattle!! Are there any God who wants to humiliate himself and neglects His dignity and honor?!

They also said that Allah is embodied in cattle!! To be sold later and shoes made from his skin!

They also said that Allah is embodied in cattle haunted by predators? And driven to be slaughtered and prepared for lunch?!

They said that Allah is embodied in cattle slaughtered, driven and given as alms for the poor!

All what appears on the surface of the earth is a creation … created by Allah from dust and water.

All what appears on the surface of the earth is a creation … eating, drinking and breathing air.

All creations born on earth … ate, slept and died.

And the true God didn’t beget and wasn’t born … and he only lives forever.

And this is what prophet Muhammad (PBUH) called for … and this was in what all prophets believed.

Know Allah rationally and with knowledge … so Muhammad (PBUH) was sent to the whole mankind.

Muhammad’s religion is peace and justice … all people are equal in front of Allah.

Muhammad’s religion is not embraced by force … as Allah’s monotheism is an option for those who want.

3-How Do We Know Allah

Rationally &Knowledgeably?!

The Belief in God

The belief in God comes on top of religious beliefs. God is able to do everything, nothing can defeat him, he is unique, he has absolute perfection, he is the first who wasn’t preceded by anything, he is the last and nothing will come after him, he has extreme power, blessing, knowledge, patience, wisdom, mercy, forgiveness, justice, good and generosity. He is the creator, founder and knower of everything, each details of everything. He is the almighty and the glorious in all what he possesses. He has all characteristicsof perfection, beauty and greatness. He is incomparable, as anything comes to our minds has an end, but he hasn’t as Allah is alive for eternity, minds and sights cannot perceive him. He doesn’t have partners, similar and he is one inseparable whole.

All various religions agree that Allah has absolute beauty, but they differ in belief. In order to know the right belief, we have to return to mind and knowledge at first, so we can start by the following questions:

First: Is He a Single God? Or has Partner Gods?

What does logic and reason say?

1.     If we presumably said that there are other partner Gods with Allah, these Gods will be either powerful enough to clash with him, or weak and helpless so they obey him.

        If they clash with Allah, the whole, world, universe, and living thingswill be abolished. This didn’t happen and this means that Allah is the one and only God who doesn’t have partners.

        If they exist and obey him, believing in their destiny, they can be considered creations, not godsand this means that Allah is the one and only God who doesn’t have partners.

2.     The real God is the one who doesn’t have partners because if we presumably say that there are two or three gods, they would have been cooperated in creating the earth, skies and handling matters of creations. This indicates that each and every one of them is unable to be the only creator and handler of matters, so anyone of them is unable to do anything alone and always needs others to help. Need and helplessness are not characteristics of a God. This means that they are virtual gods who do not exist in reality because they are helpless. Only the real God is able to do anything without having an opponent or a partner.

3.     The belief of variety of gods can be summed up in what we can consider the existence of two gods. If we succeed in proving that there are two gods, this belief will be correct and vice versa if we failed in proving that it became compulsory to belief in unification of God. ??

        If we presumably assume that there are two gods, there must be a characteristic that distinguish one of them from the other. In other words, one of them is more unique than the other to have this characteristic and the other lacks it and unable to have it. Only the real God is not incomplete or helpless and he has the absolute completeness and perfection.

        If we presumably assume that both gods are equal in everything, so the inevitable fact here is that equality between any two is impossible. The simplest example for that is that the two straight, parallel lines drawn on one page are impossible to be similar in everything as they differ in the time of drawing, points of beginning and ending, the distance from vertical or horizontal axes, and they may differ in thickness or color. They cannot be equal in everything unless they are identical on each other and become one straight line.

Accordingly, equality between those two virtual gods is impossible, but the reality is that there is one and only God who doesn’t have a partner and he has complete perfection. If we assume to agree with those who say that both gods are completely similar in everything, they will be either powerless or powerful. If they were powerless, they cannot be gods. If they were powerful, each one is unable to impose his will over the other, so each one of them is unable, each one of them cannot be considered a god, they are imaginary gods who do not exist, but the reality is that nothing lasts but Allah, the one and only powerful.

What Does Science Say?

1.     There are stars that move anticlockwise, planets that move anticlockwise, moons that move around their planets anticlockwise and galaxies that contain stars, planets and moons. All of them move anticlockwise. Only one law that can control them all because the creator is the same.

2.     Plants: All plants’ roots are directed towards gravity and the center of the earth to absorb water and food. Leaves are directed towards the sun to absorb carbon dioxide and energy from it and emit oxygen. Functions of all roots are the same and functions of all stems are the same because he is one creator.

3.     Vertebras: All vertebrals such as rats, foxes, monkeys, cats, lions, elephants, giraffes and humans have a skull, a backbone and limbs. The backbone consists of vertebra. For instance, the number of neck’s vertebra is the same for all creatures because their creator is the same.

4.     All respiratory systems: In all creatures, animals or plants, these systems emit carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen. It’s the same system because of the same creator.

5.     All Digestive systems:All creatures secrete digestive acids to digest food, and then absorb it. All systems of living things are based on one basis. Why? Because the creator is one, powerful, wise, knowledgeable .

6.     Light: Light from the sun, light from all stars, light from all lanterns on surface of the earth, light reflected from the moon and all reflective objects and light resulting from burning. All of these lights relate to one law. Why? Because there is only one creator. Accordingly, the greatest fact that science and reason prove is that

Allah is the one and the only God


Monotheism is to admit that there is no God but Allah, the one and only who doesn’t have a partner. Proofs of monotheism are many such as:

First: What Do Reason & Logic Say?

1)    Allah is the creator of the earth and skies and nobody but Allah claimed their creation. Even those who claimed to be gods, no one of them said that he created them, and how can they claim so and earth was created before their birth millions of years ago!!. Accordingly, Allah the only god who doesn’t have a partner.

2)    A ship cannot sail without only one captain (a leader) and so is the existence which cannot be found without only one god who doesn’t have a partner because if there are multiple gods they will clash and fight one another’s power which means the destruction of everything. Accordingly, Allah the only god who doesn’t have a partner.

3)    Because only Allah who has the absolute perfection, and absolute perfection is incomparable to another identical perfection.

4)    Only Allah who has only one eternal and absolute perfection and existence because it is impossible to find two identical perfections or existences. Accordingly, Allah the only god who doesn’t have a partner.

Second: What Does Science Say?

Everything in this universe indicates that Allah is only ONE:

1-    The air in all continents consists of the same components...why? Because Allah is the only one.

2-    Water, which is a component in every living creature’s constitutions, has the same components...why? Because Allah is the only one.

3-    Animal and plant cells which constitute living creatures have the same components...why? Because Allah is the only one.

4-    Blood, regardless of its various components, is the same inside all humans...why? Because Allah is the only one.

5-    Eyes, ears, hearts and liver, etc have the same structure inside all humans’ bodies...why? Because Allah is the only one.

6-    Eyes, ears, hearts and liver, etc have the same function inside all living creatures’ bodies...why? Because Allah is the only one.

7-    Any kind of stone (e.g.: marble) or any element (e.g.: CO2) have the same components in all continents...why? Because Allah is the only one.

8-    All planets, stars and comets float in space and follow one law...why? Because Allah is the only one.

9-    If fresh water anywhere around the world is heated in normal conditions to 100c degrees, it boils. If it is cooled in normal conditions to a zero, it freezes. In other words, water in anywhere on earth follows one rule because their creator is only one and all compounds and elements in all various places of continents follow one rule...why? Because Allah is the only one.

10-                       Atoms of any element (e.g.: Hydrogen) whether on earth, planets or in all stars are the same and follow the same rule...why? Because Allah is the only one.

{This is the creation of Allah. So show me that which those (whom you worship), besides Him have created. Nay, the Zalimun (polytheists, wrong doers and those who do not believe in the Oneness of Allah) are in plain error}

Luqman 11

Accordingly, it becomes certain for us that There’s no God but Allah, only himself is the creator of earth and skies, and if there was other gods so what did they create?

Third: Is Allah a Creator or a Creation?

1)    Allah is the creator, and being a creator doesn’tmake us perceive that he is a creation. If Allah was a creation, he wouldn’t be able to create because creations don’t have any power over creators. Humans, who we were honored by Allah and were distinguished from many of his creatures, are unable to create as Allah gifted them with the ability to discover, so they discovered iron, copper, sulfur, penicillin, electricity, etc. Allah also gave humans the ability to manufacture, so they made iron, glass, textiles, medicine, etc. In addition, Allah gave humans the ability to invent, they used natural phenomena and others in manufacturing, so they used air pressure in lifting water from wells by pumps, injection and in propelling airplanes upwards, they used swirling engines in moving these airplanes, magnet poles roll movement in manufacturing generators operated by water flow or by different kinds of fuel, they used electricity in lighting, in home electronic devices, operating factories machines, in transport, etc. However, Humans failed to create a single cell as science is unable to create one single blood cell so far because creations are unable to create andeven all creations won’t create flies even if all of them gathered for this. Accordingly, Allah is the only creator and he wasn’t created.

2)    If we joined those who ask the question of “Who created Allah? “We would have said to them “What about the others? Who created the others? The third,

next…. Etc. so in the end we will reach an unlimited end of an unknown entity which doesn’t have a creator. This entity is meant to be God’s himself.

Fourth: Who Brings Life & Death?

                                Life and death are obvious facts that we can witness in every moment. Humans, who were distinguished by Allah from his other creations, without a specific day of birth or death and we didn’t find a human who gifted his life to other human, and If this was possible, people would have given life to themselves, prevented them from death and lived for eternity, but all creatures shall die, and the fact that doesn’t have exceptions nor need a proof is that all living creatures on earth will die and be abolished one day when they die and disappear from existence. Only Allah, the Almighty,  is the one who gives life to his creations a known time period which no one but him knows and this means for that he can bring life and death,

Only Allah is the one, who brings life in blossoms of plants,

Only Allah is the one, who brings life inside fetus inside mother’suterus,

Only Allah is the one, who brings life to all living creatures regardless of their different names.

Although Allah supported his messengers with miracles such as the revival of the dead, all of these were done after Allah’s permission. Ibrahim called four slaughtered birds and they came to him after Allah’s permission. Moses revived a killed man who said the name of his killer then returned to death again and all of this was after Allah’s permission. Jesus revived Sam, the son of Noah, and Al Aziz. Both of them said some words then returned to death again. In this miracle, life returned again to the body for minutes then left it after Allah’s permission in a message for those who deny this ability of Allah and only Allah is the one who is able to revive the dead and has the unlimited power.

 A more extraordinary miracle is the stick of Moses which was a wooden, lifeless stick. When Moses threw it in front of wizards, it turned into a great snake after Allah’s permission and swallowed all other small snakes of the wizards. There is another more extraordinary miracle then the previous ones was that the messenger Saleh Prayed Allah to transform a lifeless bare stone into a camel after Allah’s permission and it was a complete mature camel which had a baby camel inside its abdomen and was born in front of all people, this camel lived, grew up and people drank its milk. All miracles which Allah gifted to support his messengers are a proof of Allah’s full power and only Allah is the one who brings life and death.

        The life cell is the main constituent unit of all living creatures. It consists of accurately known compounds and elements. Scientists attempted to make life cells from its constituents, but they failed to transform rigid inanimate elements into live materials that can feed, grow up, breath, etc. They were unable to create a single blood cell;they were unable because only Allah is the one who brings life and death in his determined time.

Fourth: Who is the Dominant over the Universe?

What do reason and logic say?

They say that Allah is the creator of all the existence and this means that he is the only dominant over existence.

By whom winds blow and rains fall?!

By whom seeds sprout and fruits ripe?!

By whom the Earth turns around to form day and night?!

By whom moons and stars can float around the earth?!

It’s only Allah who is the only dominant over all of these.

What does science say?

The universe, with all that it contains including stars, planets, moons, stones, water, air, plants and animals consist originally of compounds and elements. Moreover, all living creatures consist originally of living cells which contain elements and compounds. All elements, compounds and living cells inside all creatures are subjected to laws which weren’t imposed by humans nor their wills, but by Allah’s law because he only is the dominant.

In addition, in the bodies of these creatures there are countless vital processes and others. All these processes take place out of their wills but its Allah’s only will and care. For instance, inside humans there are vital processes and others in which they are not involved, but they occur by Allah’s will and care such as:

1-    Human Iris is narrowed in bright light and widened in accent lighting to make vision clear, and this occurs by Allah’s will and care.

2-    Stomach constriction and relaxation and Intestine’s vermicular movement take place by Allah’s will and care and without any involvement of humans.

3-    Different kinds of glands (salivary glands, exocrine glands, endocrine glands, etc.) secrete hormones and acids by Allah’s will and care and without any involvement of humans.

4-    Heart pumps blood then it returns back to it from all parts of the body by Allah’s will and care and without any involvement of humans.

5-    Red blood vessels transport oxygen from lungs to all parts of the body then returns with CO2 from cells to lungs by Allah’s will and care and without any involvement of humans.

6-    Red blood cell are renewed every three months by Allah’s will and care and without any involvement of humans.

7-    White blood vessels kill microbes and germs by Allah’s will and care and without any involvement of humans.

8-    Lever, in the presence of insulin, stores digested sugars and returns when need and it performs other important necessary functionsby Allah’s will and care and without any involvement of humans.

9-    Kidneys secrete extra harmful liquids; salts and urea to protect bodies from poisoning only by Allah’s will and care.

10-Food digestion, absorption and transformation into cells and all processes that take place inside human bodies are by Allah’s will and care and without any involvement of humans.

Humans are not involved in all vital processes and others. Humans even don’t feel these processes and if Allah left them to humans’ will after birth or maturity, their lives wouldn’t have lasted.

-         As they are unable to perform all these processes at the same time.

-         If Allah gave humans the ability to perform them, they would have neglected and ignored many of them.

-         Even when they sleep, because humans lose control over all their systems in sleeping.

Because he is able, he doesn’t sleep or nap and his mercy maintains everything, so Allah is the only sponsor of them as he is the only sponsor and dominator over everything.

Fifth: Does Allah have Eternal Existence?

1)    What do Reason and Logic Say?

They say that Allah is the creator. The creator should exist prior to the created because manufacturer should exist prior to the product. It’s impossible that a creation exists prior to its creator, so Allah is the first who is not preceded by anything and the last who will not be superseded by anything and he has eternal existence. Eternity is not a mere beginning and all that doesn’t have a beginning doesn’t have an end and this means that Allah has eternal existence.

2)    What does Science say?

Scientifically, it was proved that the universe has a beginning because t still has a temperature that helps life to last. If this universe is eternal, its temperature will run out and it became cold and unsuitable for life “there are further details in this context”. As long as the universe has a beginning, regardless of its variedness, it must have a starter, and because universe is extremely enormous it needs another enormous power to start it and this power is eternal. This eternal power is Allah’s power as he is the only one who has eternal existence and he is the first with no start. It’s a known fact that everything which doesn’t have a beginning doesn’t have an end and as long as he is the first with no beginning, he is the last without an end.

Sixth: Can Allah Bear and be born?

1)    It has been proved, scientifically and reasonably, that Allah is only one and this means that he didn’t begetnor was begotten.

2)    It has been proved that Allah is eternal, meaning that he is the first who is not preceded so he wasn’t born. This means that God is not born because he is the creator. If we presumably assume that he gives birth, he would have born another god, but God doesn’t begets, so Allah did neither beget nor begotten.

Seventh: Does Allah Change?

Scientifically, it is proved that the universe is based on change because it has a beginning and everything that has a beginning has an end by necessity and these are creatures;’ characteristics. For example, the mass of the sun declines each second, and when it is completely declines temperature runs out and life ends by consequence.  The earth, too, changes as 250 million years ago it was one mass that was cracked and divided into continents which exist by their current shapes. Moreover, mountains and rockschange due to their exposure to erosion such as storms and rains. Even earth’s crust was exposed to cracks,

earthquakes and volcanoes and so were coasts. These phenomena prove that the universe is based on change because it is created and all creations change, but Allah is the creator being the absolute beginning and ending, so Allah doesn’t change and his absolute perfection characteristics don’t change.

Eighth: Can Allah be Limited by Time or Place?

1)    What does reason and logic say?

They say that Allah is the first prior to everything because he is the creator of everything. He is the creator of place and time meaning that he is prior to both time and place. Both of them will end and only Allah exists because he has eternal existence and isn’t limited by time or place.

2)    What does science say?

A – Allah is the universe’s creator, and this means that he is the first prior to everything because he is the creator of everything and even the universe has a beginning and an end.

{Whatsoever is on it (the earth) will perish (26) and the Face of your Lord full of Majesty and Honor will remain for eternity (27)}  Al Rahman 26-27

This means that Allah exists before the universe and will last after perishing it and this means that Allah is not limited by place.

B –After Allah’s creation the universe, and scattered galaxies formed in the vast space, after great amounts of eras that are not known by Allah earth was formed, either by its separation from the sun or with the sun as a result of a great explosion of an enormous star and after earth formation, its temperature cooled till it reached what it is now and suits living. Due to earth’s move around itself and around the sun, day, night and four seasons emerged and formed the year. This means that time begins as a result of the earth’s movement around the sun. Scientists estimate the age of the earth to be about 4000 million years and animal and plant life appeared after that. After that in very long periods of

time, humans appeared about a million years ago. The point is time begins with the earth’s movement around the sun. Whatever the time was in the past, it is not equal to eternity as eternity doesn’t have a beginning or end. With the end of universe, life disappears on earth and only Allah lasts forever, before and after time without limits.

Ninth: Can Allah be seen?

1)    What do reason and logic say?

       Allah is not limited by time or place, so how can He be seen??!!!

2)    What does science say?

There are things created by Allah which we can feel them but cannot see them such as:

       Magnetic field which can be felt in a specific place but cannot be seen.

       We can hear sound in specific places but cannot see it.

       We can feel light’s effect in a certain place so we can see things and its intensity differs from a place to another and according to distance from the source but we cannot see it.

       We can feel the effect of gravity as it differs from a planet to another, changes among objects due to spaces among them and completely disappears when getting out of earth gravity’s field.

       Life is Allah’s creation. Its effect appears inside living creatures’ bodies, it cannot exceed it or be seen and it has its law which only Allah knows.

The effect of all of these previous things appears in a certain place and time and it is subject to God’s strict law. If all of us admit that all these previous things exist although they cannot be seen, why some of us deny the existence of Allah??!! Those who deny Allah’s existence admit the existence of these unseen things and they deny, at the same time, Allah’s existence because he

cannot be seen!! Although the effect of his ability and creativity appears all over the universe and creatures for eternity and they cannot be limited by time or place because he has absolute power and absolute characteristics. Allah’s greatness cannot be seen because he is the unseen light of earth and skies.

Previous characteristics are nothing but some of Allah’s perfection characteristics as he has the only exclusive perfection and the only one who deserves worship and belief and nothing of these previous things is worthy to worship or believe in as it is one of the creatures or just an illusion or imagination.

Upon the beginning of the 20th century, we can see that science found out facts that prove that Allah is the only one who doesn’t have partners and this is what reason estimates and for which The Holy Quran call for more than fourteen centuries.

Allah says in His holy book:

{Say (O Muhammad PBUH: “He is Allah, (the) One (1) Allah-us-Smad “The Self-Sufficient Master, Whom all creatures need, (He neither eats nor drinks) (2) He begets not, nor He was begotten (3) And there is none co-equal or comparable unto him} Al Ekhlas Verse

{Had there been therein (in heavens and earth) gods besides Allah, then verily, both would have been ruined. Glorified be Allah. The Lord of the Throne, (High is He) above all that (evil) they associate with Him!} Al Anbia’a (22)

{No son (or offsbring) did Allah beget, nor is there any god along with Him (if there have been many gods), then, each god would have taken away what he had created, and some would have tried to overcome others! Glorified be Allah above all that they attribute to Him}Al Momenoun (91)

{There is nothing like Him, And he is the All-Hearer, the All-Seer} Al Shoura (11)

Reason and science admit that Allah is only one who has no partners, doesn’t beget and was not begotten and there’s nothing like Him or identical to Him.

Allah also says:

{All praises and thanks be to Allah, Who (Alone) created the heavens and the earth, and originated the darkness and the light, yet those who disbelieve hold others as equal with their Lord}Al Anaam (1)

{He is Allah, the Creator, and Inventor of all things and the Bestower of forms. To Him belong the Best Names. All that is in the heavens and the earth glorify Him. And He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise}

Al Hashr (24)

Reason and science admit that Allah is only creator of everything because he is the first prior to everything and he has characteristics of his majestic names and has absolute perfection.

Allah says:

{He is the First (nothing is before Him) and the Last (nothing after Him), the Highest (nothing is above Him), the nearest, and the knower of everything}Al Hadid (3)

Reason and science admit that Allah is the only first and the only last, the highest above all creatures, the knower of everything on earth and heavens.

Allah says:

{It is He Who gives life, and causes death, and to Him you (all) shall return}Younis (56)

{Verily, they are in doubt concerning the meaning with their lord?. Verily, He it is Who is surrendering all things}Fuselat (54)

{He is Allah, beside Whom, the king, the Holy, the One Free from all defects, the Giver of security, the Watcher over His creatures, the All-Mighty, the Compeller, the Supreme. Glory be to Allah! Above all that they associate as partners with Him}Al Hashr (23)

Reason and science admit that Allah is the only one who revives and takes life, the able to do everything and knower and dominant over his creations.

Allah says:

{He cannot be seen and he can see everything and he is the All-Mighty and the All-seer}

Al Anaam (103)

Reason and science admit that Allah cannot be seen because of his unimaginable greatness as he is the unseen light of earth and heavens.

This is the monotheism belief in which Muslims believe and brought by prophet Muhammad PBUH legislated for all prophets and messengers due to Allah’s verse in his Holy Book, The Quran:

{He has ordained for you the same religion which he ordained for Noah, and which he have revealed in you, and that which he ordained for Ibrahim, Moses and Jesus saying you should establish religion  and make no divisionsin it}Al Shura (13)

4-Is Muhammed the prophet of Allah?!

When Muhammad PBUH was born, the sky rejoiced, the earth was bent in the night of Isra’a (ascending journey by night to the sky), the moon was divided for hours. When they were thirsty, he gave them water by his hands and a weak scrawny goat' overflowed milk when he touched. And the lizard spoke in his favor witnessing that he is the last of the prophets A blind came to him complaining his illness and returned his eye sight with no cure and pebbles in his hand were heard talking and praising Allah. People of Mecca neglected his miracles and didn’t believe except considering him among the rich who has luxurious house, glorious garden or possessing water springs, they insulted him for being a deceitful man who deceived the poor and the weak, so how come the haters claim that Islam was spread by force all over the world?

Muslims have never used their swords in calling for Islam except for a mere defense of the religion, land and sons, except for defeating the injustice as humanity and divinely legislations say. Islam has good ethics and a good belief accepted by all rationalized Muslims who were among the happy when they applied them. Indonesia and other countries embraced Islam as an official religion without a sword or an invitation as it is a good belief. History didn’t mention that there was a single person who was forced to embrace Islam and leave his religion because this matter is controlled by Allah.

People of Mecca worshiped idols made by their own hands from bare stones. Each tribe had its own idol and gave it a proper name. They worshiped these idols without any understanding or evidence, but they imitated their ancestors and so do a lot of people. Thus, Muhammad PBUH was sent calling for the worship of a sole God with one proof to all humanity; this God is the sole

creator of the earth, the skies. Since Adam, nobody claimed that he created them and nobody will claim so till the end of days.

How can anybody claim so and he was born on earth, drinking, eating and breathing air??

How can anybody claim so and he was born on earth, and he didn’t create himself, so how can he create the earth and skies??

How can anybody claim so and he was born on earth, and he is created from dust and water??

How can anybody claim so and he was born on earth, and he wasn’t distinguished from any of the living??

How can anybody claim so and he was born on earth, and if his last day comes he dies??

Muhammad called for the worship of a sole and eternal God who never dies, and was worshipped by Adam and all prophets.

Muhammad called for the worship of a sole God who is all Mighty and cannot be maintained by the earth nor skies.

 Muhammad called for the worship of a sole God, who didn’t beget, wasn’t begotten and who doesn’t have sons.

Muhammad called for the worship of a sole God, and belief and monotheism are options to everybody.

People of Mecca expelled him and his companions from their homes and tortured the poor. When his companions were asked to choose either him or their money, they chose him. All of his companions and followers loved him reasonably and preferred him to their lives, money and children. People of Mecca and their neighbors fought him in order for Islam not to exist, and when they finally surrendered he spared them without any punishment and said that they are free. Muhammad’s religion is for all mankind for justice, equality, tolerance and loyalty. Real Muslims are honest and never break their promises.

In Hudaibeyah treaty, Muhammad was honest and tolerant in his right so his companions obeyed him in love and loyalty. Next, Abu Jandal came as a Muslim and returned to his family and this was Muhammad’s pledge for enemies. They accused a Jew with stealing armor and he proved his innocence and condemned a Muslim who artfully stole it.

Islam is science, work and light to the universe after centuries of darkness. Education is an obligation for all Muslims like praying for men and women. Islam is the obedience of Allah, following Muhammad, doing good and honoring women. Islam calls for greetings, peace and feeding the needy in order for brotherhood and love to prevail all over the world. Islam calls for granting the poor, the needy, the prisoner and the weak. Islam calls for granting and helping all creatures, but belief is only for Allah to handle. Islam calls for mercy with animals, even plants cannot be deprived from water.

Muhammad tells us that a prostitute was forgiven by Allah because she gave water to a thirsty dog in the desert. So if this is the reward of doing good for a dog, what is it like with humans?!

Islam is a religion and a life, so you should plan your life well in order to live among the winners in the eternal hereafter. Strong believers are preferred by Allah over weak and poor ones. Good deeds shall be committed for Allah’s sake and if you are witnessing the morning don’t wait for the evening. Muslims neglected their religion; others regarded it as retardation and stupidity. With their wrongdoing, some fools distorted Islam. They belong to Islam and Islam is innocent from their bad deeds. Muslims imitated others in trivial things and left for them their science and improvement old glories. If Muslims conformed to their religion, they would have been role models to other nations. If they conformed to their religion, they would have been among the prosperous and developed nations. All prophets were supported with divinely miracles but they died at the end. And Muhammad was supported by divinely miracles like them

but was distinguished by the Holy Quran as an eternal miracle. Muhammad is illiterate, but the Quran educated him with all the knowledge that made him more knowing than other prophets. Christians asked him to make sure of his honest prophecy and asked him about what is inside their Holy books including unknown facts by desert people.

They asked him about the People of the Cave and Dhul-Qarnayn, he answered after the revelation and told them immediately saying that the People of the Cave were young men who believed in their God and escaped to practice their rituals inside a cave in the desert. They slept for hundreds of years and were not awakened by thunder or storms. Dhul-Qarnayn cooperated with his people to build an invincible barrier that is more powerful than hard rocks. They melted iron and then mixed it with melted liquid copper to form a hard slug that is studied in chemistry. Those who ask about Muhammad made sure that he is a true prophet but they were arrogant and hateful to embrace Islam.

The Quran speaks about scientific facts that haven’t been discovered except during our current age such as:

-         Levels of growing fetus inside dark bowels 2

-         Honey’s healing abilities from illness 3

-         Olive oil’s benefit in food which protects arteries 4

-         Skin’s climax feeling weakens inside bowels 5

-         Galaxies diverge in space 6

-         The existence of day and night and this is a proof of land’s round shape as both night and day cannot precede each other 7

-         The sun, the moon, each one is moving in its specified orbits in space

In addition, the Quran predicts future events such as:

-         The Quran predicted the victory of the Romans over the Persians after years although Persians were stronger 8

-         The Quran predicted the transformation of Qebla into the Ka’ba and what the foolish would say about that 9

-         The Quran said that “Omaya Ben Khalaf” would have a scar on nose by a sword and would be killed after torturing weak Muslims 10

2 Al Mo’menon verses: 13-14

3 Al Nahl verse: 69

4Al Mo’menon verse: 20

5 Al Nisa’a verse: 56

6 Al Dhareyat verse: 57

7 Yassin verse: 40

8 Ar’rom verse: 1-4

9 Al Baqara verse: 142

10 Al Qeyama verse: 16

The foolish knew that anyone who speaks about you would be famous, so they wanted to do so and insult you but Allah revealed their foolishness and malice and they had their deserved punishment.

They didn’t know your true consideration for your creator and it your guidance that was the hope for humanity.

Mentioning your name will still be inside our hearts and not inside the hearts of the ignorant because of their arrogance.

They left their own divine books and legislations (Sharea’a). They didn’t search them and hated you with hostility.

If they searched their books and legislations, they would have believed that you have the true legislation.

You are the guiding light. You are the blessing granted by God of heavens.

You are the chosen one, among all prophets, and you are the peace, justice and love.

God blessings and peace upon Muhammad, our guide, mercy and light for all humankind.